The senior citizens club was established in 1997.  Seniors are entertained for the afternoon, and are also given a proper meal.  At the weekly meetings, the senior citizens will prepare crafts, which will be sold in order to raise funds for the Centre.

Seniors Report 2016

Seniors Leaders      : Magdalene Williams (Head)

: Virginia Miggels, Angela De Bruin & Ruth Classen

Seniors get together once a week on a Thursday

31-Total of Seniors.

  • 2 males and 28 females
  • 5 new seniors joined.

3 Outings for the Year

The seniors have been busy with sewing garments, knitting, candle making, Caining baskets.

We will be having a sale with all items in 2017.

We were very fortunate that we did not lose any of our members in 2016

Our expenses were For T-shirts and Crockery for the seniors.

We want to thank the ministry for making this impact in the senior’s lives.