About the First Community Resource Centre [FCRC]

The FCRC is managed by a Board of Directors who are supported by a management committee and a passionate group of 22 permanent employees and volunteers.

Pastor Craven Engel the CEO of the FCRC.


More than 14 years’ experience in community development
 : Demonstrate leadership qualities and professionalism
 : Excellent communication skills (Afrikaans and English)
 : Maintain positive relations with staff and members of the community
 : Extensive knowledge in spiritual healing,
 : pastoral support and passionate about community upliftment.
 : CeaseFire CEO Hanover Park
 : Training and Development
 : Spiritual Restoration
 : Taking care of a congregation of 350 members
 : Capacity building training and conflict resolution

Jonathan Dial Chairperson of the Board.


Good knowledge of Pensions Funds Act and Income Tax Act as it pertains to Retirement Funds.
 Collaborates effectively with others to achieve results.
 Proven ability to foster and nurture effective client relationships.
 A thorough understanding of the client servicing environment.
 The ability to understand clients’ needs and to match these with the most appropriate service and products.
 People Management and leadership skills.
 Excellent verbal and written communication skills and the ability to interact at all levels.
 Business acumen; Results orientated; Proactive; Self-disciplined
 Accountable for service delivery through own efforts.
 Makes increased contributions by broadening individual skills.

Nathely Ryneveldt Secretary of the Board.


 : Youth and Children Developer
 : Excellent communication skills (Afrikaans & English)
 : Maintain positive relations with staff and members
 : Extensive knowledge on spiritual wellness
 : Passionate about community upliftment and networking