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“The Interrupters”

Photographic Exhibition by Lee-Ann Olwage

Amplify Studio takes great pleasure in inviting you to the official opening of the

photographic exhibition The Interrupters by Lee-Ann Olwage.

The initiative to reduce gang violence. They are changing the ending for themselves and their community and they are proof that change is possible.

The interrupters is a photographic exhibition in collaboration with CeaseFire Hanover Park and The City Of Cape Town that showcases powerful portraits of reformed gangsters and tells the stories of those who have changed their lives against all odds.

These remarkable men are using their background and street credibility to work as professional violence interrupters as part of the CeaseFire in

The aim of the exhibition is to tell these inspirational stories of change through powerful portraits and look at the social issues that contribute towards young men joining gangs. The exhibition will act as a social campaign that looks at difficult social issues faced by the Cape Flats community as well as provide positive solutions to these very problems.

The subject of the work, the artwork and the viewer are often separated from each other. The artist wants to challenge this sense of separation by having the subjects of the photographs as guests at the exhibition to blur these lines and give the viewer the chance to interact with the subjects. Thus breaking down social boundaries as well as blurring the lines between art, subject and viewer.

Born in 1986, Durban, Lee-Ann Olwage is a Cape Town based photographer who believes in using the power of photography for social change. She tackles hard hitting social issues through her work but also aims to show positive solutions to these very problems.

Her deep love for portraiture and the human condition drives her work which is always focussed on people. She seeks to capture the unguarded moment and the very essence of this human experience.


Amplify is a multi faceted project and consists of a free artist in residence program [ AIR PROGRAM ], a working studio and an art gallery.

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Our gallery will show curated work created by award winning photographers as well as artists who complete the residency program.


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